Litter Free North Shore Channel


Friends, with the generous support of the Wrigley Company Foundation, is working toward making the North Shore Channel Litter Free! Following the successful installation of water's willow and lizards tail plants in June and July along the banks of the North Shore Channel, the next phase has focused on clean up on and along the river. Friends is hosting volunteer litter blitzes to collect trash and debris. Join us with our local partners in helping to clean the river, bring the wildlife back, and beautify the area.

Download the Litter Free North Shore Channel Toolkit.

Check out the latest on hotspotting.

Our partners include:

Canal Shores Golf Course - A 100 year public golf course is leading the way in thoughtful habitat restoration. Check out their new Master Plan and join in their monthly volunteer days.

Evanston Habitat and the City of Evanston - The City of Evanston is working to restore, care and improve the natural habitat along the North Shore Channel and to enhance the channel's value as a green corridor.

Northside College Prep - Coinciding with Friends' CRSN kickoff meeting with teachers, Friends' lead a litter pickup and brush cutting work morning. Northside continues to support a Litter Free NSC by hosting a site during Chicago River Day. 

Why is this such an important initiative? Because the tiniest pieces of trash are often eaten by wildlife, disrupting their digestive systems and building up in their bodies. Look at this picture of a decomposed Albatross, you can see it was full of bottle caps, straws, and fishing line. There are hundreds of pictures on the internet like this, but instead of just being sad, we encourage you to get out and pick up a little litter yourself!

Since starting this initiative, corporations, fraternities, and other community groups have all participated in helping the North Shore Channel #LosetheLitter. Check out the #LosetheLitter hashtag on social media to see Friends in action, working to make the river and its river-edge communities litter-free.

Do have a group along the North Shore Channel interested in doing a clean up? 
Please contact Annette Anderson at (312) 939-0490 x14.