Call of the Wildlife - There's No Place Like Home

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Maggie Jones, conservation programs manager, and Stephen DeFalco, director at Sand Ridge Nature Center, look forward to connecting you with some amazing animals through live feeds, as well as sharing insights about some of your wild neighbors and the environment that you share with them. 

We are so pleased to be able to bring this live and pre-recorded program to you. Friends and Sand Ridge Nature Center pride ourselves with offering education programming about wildlife ecology, human impacts on wildlife and critical ecosystems, and stewardship to a region facing intense pressure from development and population growth. This program was designed to introduce you to our local wildlife and their home environment and how you can help us to steward the environment that we share with our wild neighbors and each other leading to a healthier and happier world.

Tickets: $15; free to teachers, students, parents and their children. 

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From October 25 to November 5, Born to Be Wild offers several fun ways to engage with the Chicago River system and its wildlife. Learn more here.

Call to Action

Wildlife species are vanishing at an alarming rate across the planet because of human activity including a potential loss of nearly 400 North American bird species. The Chicago River system can play a role in the solution. Join our call to action to do something about it...starting now. Support our efforts in landscape-scale restoration projects that continue to increase native turtles' nesting success as well as our other habitat projects for channel catfish, bats, and ospreys through your ticket purchases.

Friends' new Wildlife Conservation Framework Plan lays the foundation to develop a strategic approach to wildlife protection and awareness of the role that you can play to keep our wildlife from extinction and ensure reproductive success so those born wild can stay wild.