Gully Fixing Workshop at Whistler Woods

Tags: Volunteers, Centennial Volunteers, and River Education

​Come out and learn why and how we repair gullies during this hands-on workshop. We are partnering with The Forest Preserves of Cook County to provide this workshop and onsite gully fixing workday. Anyone and everyone is welcome! This is a great opportunity for volunteers of Friends, the FPCC, and our other CV partners like Friends of the Forest Preserves and the Chicago Ornithological Society.

This workshop and gully fixing workday will include an introduction to what gullies are and why we should repair them. We will introduce all participants to gully fixing techniques in a hands-on demonstration - allowing volunteers to take the lead. Activities may include tree thinning and invasive species removal, installation of wattles and erosion control blankets, and even seed planting and watering.

Contact Mark Hauser at if you have questions or simply show up that morning. We're meeting at the eastern end of the parking lot at Whistler Woods.