Somme Woods East Volunteer Workday

Tags: River education, Centennial Volunteers, and Volunteers

Somme Woods East, the furthest east of the Sommes, has bur and white oak woodlands with massive old oaks, open marshes, and ephemeral ponds. Rich with native plants and animals, these areas are being restored to their original beauty. This site is part of the visionary Next Century Conservation Plan to ensure that thousands of acres of healthy woodlands, wetlands and prairies continue to exist and thrive in our forest preserves.

Be a part of river and forest revitalization by joining an inspiring movement of volunteers gathering to restore this special site along the Chicago River. Learn what it takes to restore diverse wildlife, trees, wildflowers, and health in our forest preserves and our river system. Our goal is to grow a community of people who will become caretakers and stewards through on-going education and training.

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