Whistler Woods - Centennial Volunteer Stewardship Day

Whistler Woods contains oaks up to 300 years old, but invasive brush prevents their acorns from sprouting. Come join a volunteer crew that will cut back the invasives and improve the habitat at this preserve. Learn what it takes to restore diverse wildlife, trees, wildflowers, and health in our forest preserves and our river system. Our goal is to grow a community of people who will become caretakers through on-going education and training.

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Forest Glen - Centennial Volunteers Stewardship Day

An important corridor for migratory birds, Forest Glen is part of the Lower North Branch Preserves. This unique woodland, savanna, and floodplain ecosystem needs help from our volunteer community to remove invasive plants, collect and distribute native seeds, and reduce erosion issues.

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Somme Woods East - Centennial Volunteer Stewardship Day

Get out and have fun while really making a difference in the ecological health of the preserves and ultimately the Chicago River system. Volunteer activities range from removing invasive vegetation to collecting native seeds, wildlife monitoring projects, brush pile burns, and more. 

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