Petcoke: Why it’s here, where it’s going, and how it affects our city

As you may have seen in the news, various government and community entities throughout Chicago have mobilized around the controversial storage of petroleum coke, or “petcoke”, on the Southeast side. This ashy material is a byproduct of the refinement process turning Canadian oil into gasoline, which is transported to Chicago from BP’s Whiting, IN refinery just over the Illinois-Indiana state border. 

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Friends Receives Large Grant for Fish Habitat

Today the Chi-Cal Fund announced $1 million in grants.  Friends of the Chicago River was pleased to learn that we were one of four organizations selected. Friends will receive $300,000 for in-stream habitat structures to enhance fish populations in the Chicago Area Waterway System.  Friends of the Forest Preserves received $271,313  to support coordination of the Centennial Network and will partner with us to help restore five sites along the river's banks.


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