Investing in the Chicago River Pays Us Back

On May 9, Friends, together with partner organization Openlands, released a report that proves what we knew all along, investing in the Chicago River is good for the river and good for the region. Our Liquid Asset: The Economic Benefits of a Clean Chicago River underscores that improvements that address water quality, flooding, and public access to the river support the local economy by creating jobs, generating income and revenue, and improving our quality of life.

Historically, there has been a lack of information that quantified the specific positive return on investment in caring for the Chicago River, which hindered investing in infrastructure and policy improvements. This new report provides economic analysis and useful information for decision makers and elected officials who want to make effective changes that benefit the river. By working together, taking a closer look at our liquid asset, and making common sense investments, we are working to make the Chicago River one of the world’s greatest metropolitan rivers.

Read on to find out how…

Our Liquid Asset Summary Report
Our Liquid Asset Technical Report
Our Liquid Asset Brochure