Friends' Executive Director Named 2017 River Hero

Friends' executive director, Margaret Frisbie was recently named a 2017 River Hero by the national advocacy group, River Network, which recognized five leaders from the river and water conservation community for their exceptional personal and professional achievements in support of river and water protection and restoration. 

“For nearly two decades, Margaret Frisbie has championed efforts to transform the Chicago River from a forgotten back alleyway into a thriving and respected national resource,” says Openlands' staff attorney, Stacy Meyers. Since being appointed to her position as executive director of Friends of the Chicago River in 2005, Frisbie has been working to improve water quality for the Chicago River system. “Margaret Frisbie truly embodies a river hero,” says Meyers. 

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With Help Fish Populations Continue to Improve

With continued improvements in water quality such as more dissolved oxygen and less sewage, fish populations in the Chicago River have been increasing well. Friend and the Department of Natural Resources are helping by increasing reproductive habitat for channel catfish and, starting next week, we will plant water willow and lizard's tail, native plants that should thrive despite the ups and downs of the Chicago River from rain events and which provide great cover for small fish and all kind of aquatic invertebrates.

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