USACE Releases Asian Carp Report

The study, entitled the "Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study – Brandon Road Draft Integrated Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement – Will County, IL (Draft GLMRIS-BR Report)" evaluates "options and technologies" that are intended to prevent the upstream passage of aquatic invasive species such as Asian carp from the Mississippi River Basin into the Great Lakes, without disrupting river users too much. 

The study comes eight years after heightened awareness of Asian carp brought an international team of government officials and stakeholders from Canada and the USA together to address the issue.  Since then recommendations have evolved from early calls to poison the river system and close the locks to more sophisticated scientific study and protections for the Chicago River system as well as the Great Lakes.

Friends will be assessing its impact on our mission to improve the Chicago River system for the health of people, plants, and animals and submitting public comments in advance of the September 21 deadline.

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