Chicago River Photo Contest Winners Capture Waterway in All Its Wonder

The Chicago River system is one of the greatest rivers in the world. Along its 156 miles one can see the majestic urban canyons, amazing architecture, natural areas of beauty, dashing fish in its streams and teeming wildlife on its banks. It's a photographic wonderland.

The winners of Friends of the Chicago River's 40th anniversary photo contest certainly captured it in all its beauty.

We thank the winners and all who entered!


1st prize:

Submitted by Richard Pallardy

2nd Prize

Submitted by Chris Sturm

People and Recreation 

Submitted by Holly Swyers

2nd Place

Submitted by James Lamb

Native Plants and Landscape

Submitted by Louise Barrett

2nd Place

Submitted by Rachel Karas

Urban Scenes

1st Place

Submitted by John Porterfield

2nd Place

Submitted by Holly Swyers