Get Counted and Help the Count

As our governing bodies and agencies plan for the future, the results of the 2020 census will guide funding allocation for spending related to housing, economic development, infrastructure, and the environment. 
The 2020 census will also provide the basis for deciding where and how funding is used to address the challenges our communities face due to the climate crisis. Policymakers and advocacy groups also rely on census data to help enforce protections from environmental pollution and other hazards, including the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Unfortunately, accurate census responses can be challenging, especially in low-income communities. Under reporting in these areas could exacerbate the economic, environmental justice, and social issues that already disproportionately affect these areas. The negative effects of climate change will also effect these same populations to a greater extent. 

It is therefore critical that advocacy and non-profit groups throughout the region work closely with the US Census Bureau to encourage accurate census responses and help everyone understand how their response to the census is critical to the future success of our region. 
2020 US Census forms will be mailed to households between March 12 and March 20, 2020. 

More information about the schedule and how you can volunteer to help can be found here: