Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us reflect on the beauty of our nation’s natural wonders; let us recommit ourselves to improving and protecting these wonders as open and accessible space for people, plants, and animals; let us continue our hopeful work to achieve a more healthy, accessible Chicago River system that crosses boundaries; and let us promote and encourage their use and stewardship, and help people understand that being outside in nature is good for our health. 

In 1776 the Chicago River was a meandering prairie stream that met near the low lying dunes of Lake Michigan. After centuries of degradation and manipulation the river is coming to life again and Friends of the Chicago River is proud to be at the forefront of its recovery. The natural areas of our region are good places to reflect; to think about our nation’s past, present, and future. Let’s get out and about this weekend to celebrate, and to consider how each of us can help create a better natural environment, and a stronger, more equitable America for all.