Litter Free Supply Stations Empower Neighborhood Cleanups

Friends of the Chicago River is committed to creating a Litter Free Chicago-Calumet River system, but to be sucessful we all have to work together. To support, empower and encourage your help, there is now a network of Litter Free Supply Stations with information and tools needed to run safe and successful independent litter cleanups. Collecting litter on the land is critical to a healthy watershed, as it only takes one rain or wind storm for litter to get into our river system where it is much more difficult to remove.

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With the support of the Mars Wrigley Foundation, and in partnership with eight host organizations, each supply station is equipped with litter grabbers, buckets, bags, gloves and our Litter Free Toolkit (also available in Spanish) which give guidance on safety, planning and executing a litter cleanup. Think of it like a tool library where you can "check out" supplies for your independent cleanups. More supply stations are expected to open this year. 

“Litter Free Chicago-Calumet River is a policy and programs initiative working to reduce the amount of trash reaching our local rivers and waterways," said Becky Lyons, Friends’ Director of Environment, Equity, and Engagement. "While Friends continues to work at the policy levels and to lead major stewardship work like Chicago River Day, we are also excited to amplify the on-the-ground litter cleanup impact by engaging partners and communities through these stations.”

Supply station resources are available for anyone to host an independent cleanup in their neighborhood or on their property. We inviite you to attend virtual Litter Free Community Presentation April 24 at noon to learn more about the damage litter causes people and wildlife, how to host an independent cleanup, and to offer your thoughts on how you can contribute toward our goal of a Litter Free Chicago-Calumet River system. 

If your organization is interested in becoming a host site for a Litter Free Supply Station contact Becky Lyons at or (312) 939-0490, ext. 23.