Spring Your Voice into Action for the River

On the eve of the candy-green dyeing of the Chicago River last Saturday, as part of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade festivities, Friends issued a statement inviting people to work together to create a new marvel that captures the magic of the beloved dyeing tradition, but one that would respect our recovering river as a valued natural resource, not just a water feature for revelers celebrating the day.

Our call for a new a new marvel that lifts up the river made national news, and was featured across many broadcast and social media channels—and we heard from many of you. Although there were some naysayers, overwhelmingly we received positive support and ideas ranging from downtown buildings along the Main Stem bathed in green light, to green boat flotillas, and giant floating shamrocks.

Today, there is a growing number of people who are connected to the important and positive role the river system plays in our personal and community life. As spring is upon us and summer nears, let us all challenge ourselves to engage in positive action for the river system and to lend our voices in advocacy to improve and restore it as a healthy, biodiverse, climate resilient ecosystem with equitable access for all.