New Water Tech Ideas Can Help River

"Mayor Rahm Emanuel's announcement of Current, a new public and private partnership developed to solve water challenges facing the nation and the globe, could lead to a healthier Chicago River system," said Friends' Executive Director Margaret Frisbie. "Ideally their work will address the local challenges the river still faces and will create new technologies for such as end of pipe sewage treatment, increased nutrient removal and recovery, and easy to install sewage effluent disinfection at Stickney."

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Be it Resolved

In other excellent river news on Wednesday morning, John Quail, director of watershed planning, and Anthony, Cefali, policy and planning specialist, joined Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle when she introduced a new resolution in favor of Overflow Action Days, Friends’ new program designed to build program awareness of how we can reduce river pollution and flooding by taking action at home.

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River Still in the Burnham Plan

The river and Friends featured prominently in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's announcement for new investments to improve Chicago's Parks. The mayor thanked Friends for our tireless advocacy for the river and the Chicago Riverwalk. Part of the Parks "Building on Burnham" plan includes the addition of river access at almost every mile from the North Side south to Little Village.

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Disinfection Starts on the North Side

At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, the ribbons will be cut and the switch thrown on to begin the process of sewage effluent disinfection at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District's (MWRD) O'Brien Water Reclamation Plant located on the North Shore Channel. Friends of the Chicago River and many partners worked tirelessly for more than a decade to reach this day which will have a dramatic impact on ambient water quality.

It is overwhelming to see this major benchmark in water quality improvements come to pass. It is the direct result of Friends’ advocacy and demonstrates it take a sustained effort to get things done.


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Vacancy: New Osprey Platforms

In the Chicago region and across the country, ospreys are making a comeback from the devastating impacts of pesticide use in the mid-1900s. Friends of the Chicago River is in the midst of a three-year project to boost these birds' reproductive success by building a series of platforms to attract nesting pairs. Read on for a photo-filled description of the process. 

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