Eagle Soars over Chicago River

A news story in Block Club Chicago got a ton of attention this week reporting on numerous sightings of “a bald eagle hunting for fish along the North Branch of the Chicago River.” Many members and friends called attention to the story to make sure we knew.

“The sighting is a testament to the action and advocacy of Friends of the Chicago River in transforming the river into a place where eagles roam,” said Friends’ Executive Director Margaret Frisbie. “The dam removal at Clark Park, river-edge and aquatic restoration, cleaner water, litter removal and the fact you can go see the eagle is very much a part of our work and practice.”

Healthy fish populations are a key source of food for bald eagles, and Friends work to improve water quality, instream habitat, and fish populations over the last 44 years has had a tremendous positive impact on fish.

Chicago Bird Alliance Executive Director Matt Igleski told Block Club Chicago that “bald eagles visiting the city during the winter are likely coming here from as far away as Canada’s Yukon Territory or Hudson Bay.”