Inside, Out & About: An Invitation to Explore

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Inside, Out & About is Friends’ new initiative created to increase awareness of our natural areas, promote and encourage their use and stewardship, and help people understand that being outside in nature is good for our health. Over the coming months Friends will take viewers on a series of expeditions along the Chicago River system where beauty and nature abound.

Check Out Story 1: Chicago Portage National Historic Site

With art, music, interviews, and self-guided tours, Inside, Out & About will provide fascinating information about the river, local wildlife and history; all to deepen everyone’s outdoors experience of the 156-mile Chicago River system and to increase interest in the natural world that surrounds us. The adventure begins with a look at the Chicago Portage National Historic Site in the southwest suburb of Lyons, Ill.

Upcoming episodes include the beautiful Kickapoo Woods along the Little Calumet River in south suburban Riverdale, Ill., and the South Fork of the South Branch of the Chicago River in Chicago, notoriously known as Bubbly Creek.